Beach School in Argyll

Swapping walls for sand, pebbles and the sea breeze

The GRAB Trust’s marine education project Beach School is using Argyll’s amazing coastal resource to provide outdoor learning opportunities for primary school pupils in Lorn and the isles, mid-Argyll, Kintyre and Cowal. Using the Forest School ethos, participants visit their local shore each week learning about themselves and others as well as their local marine environment and global issues. Health and wellbeing benefits abound with outdoor safety and appropriate risk taking, team-work, empathy, social responsibility and building up of confidence and good self-esteem at the core of the programme.

Curriculum topics are covered within task related activities including plant and creature searches, beach art, beach clean-ups and citizen science involvement such as marine litter surveys and sightings feedback as well as outdoor games helping to explain concepts and cement learning with literacy and numeracy also embedded throughout. Sessions aim to bring education through action and fun with pupils building upon their Beach School experiences each week. By exploring their local area regularly it is hoped that they gain a wider understanding and respect for nature and realise the importance of marine environments and that they can easily help the protection of our seas and oceans and ensure sustainable use of natural resources. Schools are encouraged to continue their visits in some form once the programme finishes and to ‘adopt’ a small portion of their local stretch of coastline.

To date, (July 2016) our Beach School Leaders have delivered six week programmes in thirteen primary schools across the region. If you are interested in learning more and perhaps in participating in a Beach School programme for your school please contact Janie Steele in the first instance, details on Contact Page

The GRAB Trust would like to thank EB Scotland, Scottish Sea Farms and the Robertson Trust for their kind financial support for this project.

Argyll and Bute Beach Forum (ABBF)

The Argyll and Bute Beach Forum is a way of keeping interested groups and individuals in touch with issues and events in the area. We hold an annual meeting each year to which all Forum members are invited. We would really encourage you to join us as it helps us all to network with others interested in cleaning up our seas and beaches.
The ABBF steering group is made up of people who have a particularly keen interest in beach and marine litter issues most of whom work or volunteer in a related project or organisation. At present members include representatives from Beachwatch Bute, SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science), SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage), Argyll and Bute Council Biodiversity Partnership, Argyll and Bute Council Marine and Coastal Development Unit, Re-JIG (Recycle – Jura/Islay Group, Campbeltown Beachwatch, The Firth of Clyde Forum and SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency).
Minutes from recent steering group meetings are available here.
The purpose of the steering group is to provide an opportunity for joint working and to share ideas.