Community clean ups & Litter grants

Staycation Litter Grants

Supporting the community to clean up Argyll

The GRAB Trust administers small grants of up to £250 to formally constituted groups and organisations (and who have a bank account into which the grant is paid which must be in the same name as the group or organisation) undertaking litter clean-ups of public spaces in the Argyll & Bute local authority area this summer. Groups may apply for multiple awards, for multiple picks, up to the total of £250. A separate application will need to be made for each pick that is claimed. Once applications made by an individual group reach £250 no more applications, from that group, will be accepted.
There must be a minimum of 4 weeks between cleans in any one location.
Please note that there are no time scale restraints on grant applications BUT the funds, are limited and, will cease once maximum fund capacity is reached.

Making a Claim

First, express your interest in making an application by emailing including the name of the community group and the date of the proposed pick. Once you have received confirmation of your expression of interest you are good to go!

Following the Litter Pick:

Make your claim by completing the online application for grant payment. This should be made following completion of the clean-up and must contain the following information:
  • • The name of the area cleaned (including OS co-ordinates) and the approximate area of ground, length of the shoreline, beach, etc. ‘Before and after’ photos must accompany the claim. If a visible difference is negligible due to majority of litter being microplastics etc, then a photo of the rubbish collected is acceptable.
  • • Number of participants (children and adults)
  • • Number of rubbish bags filled
  • • Any extraordinary litter collected (e.g. car wheels, oil drums, fishing litter). Please note that for coastal cleans, driftwood and seaweed are not litter and are part of the beach ecosystem so should not be cleared.

The following rates are paid for clean ups

Every half mile shore or verge cleaned (800 metres) or every 2 acres of land (about the size of a football pitch) £50
Blackspot bonus (if applicable)¹ £25
Maximum for any one claim £250

The small grant can be spent as the group decides. Please note, however, that funding is limited, so submission of a claim does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded. Claims will be assessed whilst funds last.
When considering applying for a grant, the group must obtain prior authorisation from The GRAB Trust. Do this by emailing including your groups name and date of proposed pick.
Applications should be made using the online Litter Grant Application form (Google Form)
Fields market with * must be completed in order to progress your claim.
You must be signed in to a Google account to fill in this form.
The name and photo associated with your Google Account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form
Please note information in form is used by the regulatory authorities and future grants will be dependent on this information being supplied.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address that you provided.

¹ Definition of a blackspot A blackspot is a significant accumulation of litter in one particular area that is unsightly and visible to the public and the removal of the litter transforms the site into a visibly clean area. If cleaning up a blackspot, please upload ‘before and after’ photos to confirm the definition. If photos are not provided, the bonus cannot be paid.

We’ve created a map of all the places people can borrow litter pick equipment from GRAB.